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President and Owner of Government Supply Services, Mr. Gregory Modica believes in the importance of service by supporting numerous communities and charitable organizations within and around the state of Arkansas. Founded in 2009 with the motto "Just do your best, in that you will find honor," further epitomizes his dedication to the service of mankind with a particular interest in the employment of people with disabilities.

This dedication is evident in the partnership he has formed with Ultra Cartridge Products.

Who is Ultra Cartridge?

Ultra Cartridge Products produces the highest quality products at the lowest possible price with customer satisfaction in mind. The employees at Ultra Cartridge use only the best parts available in each remanufactured cartridges and have quality control during every step of the remanufacturing process to ensure that they produce a premium product. These products are used by federal, state, and local agencies as well as businesses across the United States.

How are Ultra Cartridge Products Remanufactured?

  • Incoming cartridge is disassembled and components are inspected
  • Toner is removed and all parts are cleaned
  • All components are replaced with NEW premium parts
  • The cartridge is then reassembled
  • The cartridge is filled with PREMIUM toner
  • Test printing is performed on all cartridges for visual quality
  • Remanufactured cartridge products are built to last and meet and or exceed all OEM standards

Who does Ultra Cartridge Products employ?

Ultra Cartridge Products provides quality training and meaningful employment opportunities in their factory located in North Little Rock, Arkansas. UCP offers a wide range of training and employment which is specifically geared to an individual's abilities.

Ultra Cartridge Inspection
Ultra Cartridge Testing

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