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Safety and Security

There is nothing as important as home and office safety and security. And while it might seem easy to have your safety bases covered, you don't want to miss any important aspects. Government Supply Services offers an array of products designed to ensure that no important part of your life goes unprotected. To start with perhaps the most dramatic safety issue, be sure you have a full set of fire safety products. These include smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. We offer combination smoke and CO alarms.

If you're a contractor, woodworker, or even someone who occasionally picks up a drill around the house, don't forget about the safety equipment and gear that should be in place before you even plug in a power tool. Back belts, ear protection, eye protection, masks, safety vests, safety cones and tape, work gloves, and flashlights, rechargeable flashlights, and key chain flashlights are also vital elements of a personal safety ensemble.

To ensure that you and your personal possessions are safe, we have a great selection of cabinet safes and fire-resistant safes. Your safety and security products are crucial so be sure to pick out products from reliable brand names, such as 3M, Crew, MCR, Master Caster, Tripp Lite, Docu Gard, Master Lock, and Steel Master, Motion Industries, and Grainger.

Government Supply Services has access to a massive safety and security inventory for the office and industrial work place.

Contact our special orders team for bulk orders and hard to find items.

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